Bulgaria executes the new energy law affecting power production and exports from August 2013
In June, 2013, Sofia approved a long-expected energy law which allows green and other duties once paid by all retail and wholesale power buyers, as well as by exporters of energy, to be reduced from August, 2013.

Elpetra Energy obtains power trading license for Bulgaria
On September 10, 2012, State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission of Bulgaria presented Elpetra Energy EAD with a ten-year power trading license. The license will permit Elpetra Energy to operate on the internal energy market of Bulgaria, where the company aims to further develop its power trading division and offer custom tailored solutions to market participants, including power generators, industrial consumers and other traders.

Elpetra Energy establishes Elpetra Energy EAD, Sofia, Bulgaria
On December 1, 2010, Elpetra Energy established Elpetra Energy EAD, Sofia, Bulgaria. Establishment of the new company marks the move of Elpetra Energy to a full scale business operation in Bulgaria with the aim to develop our presence in the country by offering custom solutions to local producers, consumers and distributors of energy and petroleum products.

Elpetra Energy receives license to trade power in Greece
Regulatory Authority for Energy of Greece issued Elpetra Energy with a 100 MW power trading license. The decision of RAE, dated December 19, 2008, will allow the company to have a direct access to the national power network and commence power trading on the internal energy market of Greece with capacity of up to 100 MW.